The Mission Statement -Beyond My Expectations LLC (#bMe) mission is to be our customer€™s first choice for amusement and fitness.  We seek to provide courses that will assist our guest in  increasing their stamina, improving their agility and enhancing their fluid cognitive skills while having fun.  

The Vision Statement  #bMe provides a comprehensive amusement and fitness experience.  Offering excellent service, innovative courses and technology  which will enable guests to track their course performance and track their progress while having fun.
Company Information Beyond My Expectations LLC was founded by Kellye Jones. 

#bMe uses courses to empower guests and help them further develop problem solving skills, self-esteem, social involvement/ interactions, vestibular stimulation and total functional mobility strengthening.  Guests are even provided an opportunity to measure their course results and allowed to go beyond their expectations in problem solving.  #bMe attractions address the needs of the kinetic, visual and combined learner. 

Ms. Jones worked with a physical therapist, strengthening coach and a psychiatrist to select attractions that could entertain, strengthen and  empower her guests  mentally as well as physically with repeated use.    Empowerment with the crossing of each finish line.  

Our self paced courses and attractions provide guests an opportunity to compete with their peers.  Everyone has an opportunity to play and excel on Beyond My Expectations' physical as well as cognitive strengthening courses.  Everyone leaves a winner.

The strengthening opportunities provided by Beyond My Expectations courses include:

Increased total functional mobility / physical therapy
Upper body strength
Problem Solving
Core Development
Lower Extremity Strength
Team Building
Depth Perception
Motor Planning
Vestibular Stem